Jecinta Amaka is a prolific writer and blogger of repute. My blog is a community of hope and restoration envisioned to deliver her existential core through the teaching of divinely ordained principles that promotes healthy relationships and marriages.


The vision is to champion a global movement that address challenges in relationships and promotes healthy family lives.


*To promote the bedrock foundation for healthy lives, families and society.

* To advocate the eradication of abuses, domestic violence, neglect, and other threats to a partner/Child’s emotional or physical safety, well being and development.

* To encourage the core of healthy relationships and marriages which is built on respect, trust, safety acceptance, freedom of choice, positive communications and conflict management.

The coaching and advocacy programme with Jecinta is holistic and robust enough, even though we know that healthy relationships and marriages encounters divers challenges but our understanding of the opportunity of growth and learning in challenges makes us stand out.