Appearance Matters.

My contribution is to continue to advice, reiterate and beg until things get better.

It baffles me when I see a beautifully dressed mother with a weavon worth 60k, dress 17k, shoes 7k and handbag 5k, Lipstick 2.5k and you see her walking side by side with a daughter or Son looking so shabby.

I want to let you know that it is not anyone’s business how your child is dressed but believe me, you must know how irresponsible you appear. People don’t want to know what happened and why? While some children are sensitive when they wear “church clothes” some are not. Children play a lot and some cannot be recognized after one hour of dressing them up and that’s why they are called Children.

I believe if you can make out time to look so good to church, you can make sure that your children’s clothing are neat as well. If it’s one cloth that your child has, wash them neat before Sunday. Don’t always punish the child for such by wearing them clothes that are not washed or torn.

And to you the men, try to give your wives money to buy clothes for your children or better still, order for it yourself. Take out time to take all for shopping if you don’t trust your wife with money…

Let your children look good.

Change their wardrobe as well. That is why you are advised to give birth to how many you can take care of.

PLEASE, let’s raise a generation of responsible and sensitive children by imbibing the culture of neat and decent dressing in them always.