A Valentine piece to the singles.

Happy Valentine to you ALL out there.

To all the single Ladies aspiring to get married (ATGM), On this special day, I want to share a special piece with you as my Valentine gift to you.

It is alright for you to aspire to be married, but you need to think of how to add value to your lives first by acquiring education or craftsmanship, in order to have a little sense of belonging.
Some allow pressure from their parents, age, pregnancy, title to push them into getting married. While some focus on looks and material things which they eventually don’t enjoy when they are married.

I just want to let you know that things are not just the way they seems, Some husbands are dream killer and can end your dreams in just one year.
You need to understand that you are at your best now that you are single to perform better in your career. What is it that you know you can do better? Why not think deep, invest in that niche and break forth

From my little research, a higher percentage of women who suffer abusive marriage was as a result of not adding value to themselves before jumping into marriage.
Just think about the feeling of doing certain things for yourself rather than having to ask for it all the time. No matter how everything is at a particular moment, someone someday will get tired of giving.
Just be aware that there is always a little feeling of self actualization when you have something to offer.

Marriage is NOT a dream building avenue, although it has it’s positive sides but sometimes, you might be disappointed. So don’t just seat without value and be waiting for your partner, strike now and achieve it.


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