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My name is Jecinta Amaka. I was told have been a blessing right from birth by my parents, why?

My Dad named me Adaaku Adaego, meaning daughter of wealth and money, because after my birth, TIGHTLY SHOT doors against him were opened.

I was only 12 when I discovered that I have the knack to help unconditionally… my aunt was very stubborn and so was her husband. They often fought and broke bottles… ending up in hospital… as time went on, I started thinking of how I can help them end their incessant fights… so I resorted to talking to each of them privately about what they could do right to help improve their marital lives… over time, my aunt saw changes in her marital life and confirmed that indeed am a blessing to her, she had always believed that I was instrumental in her getting husband; she got engaged and married when I visited her.

I have grown, developed vital skills and have help more people since then.

Believe me, it hasn’t been easy counseling, as you have different people with different ideologies. I want to be able to help people keep better relationships no matter their stages in life.

My passion is to see people enjoy healthy relationships, and have flourishing lives.

I’m a firm believer that there are no hard and fast rules about marriages and relationships and that everyone has what it takes to make it work.
I love to hear and see people find that special someone that helps make their lives worth living.

I have helped lot of people find peace in their homes.

I’m not trying to brag and GOD FORBID I ever do this.

In my approach to handling challenges, I love switching up my style and skills in a way it suits my clients.

I started this blog to help people. I want to pull people out of the sea of wrong ideas of marriages and relationships, and show them just how loving can be! And that’s what marriage and relationship is supposed to be, Fun!

Just having fun and playing around with what works! So, hey, let loose!!

Feel free to come here often, stay, grab a snack, and hopefully get inspired!

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