Be Yourself

Dear Ladies in the world, especially those aspiring to get married….Please do not pretend to be who you are not, you are unique and original, GOD ALMIGHTY only created you in HIS image and you are so beautiful and precious, presentable and alluring…Just be good in your dealings, responsible in your attitudes, respectful in your actions and sincerely be yourself and do what is right.

No matter how people twist it… Men CAN’T do WITHOUT women in this life… Even the ones who say they don’t want to marry, still need a woman to mother their children…Women are great gifts from GOD ALMIGHTY and HE blessed a man in HIS words in the Bible… blessed is a man who findeth a wife because He findeth a good thing and obtaineth favors from GOD ALMIGHTY. Although some women has turned to men’s nightmare… But be that women whose main aim is to have a blissful home…The woman who the man wants.

With this… Let the men adjust to your good type…never you consider time as a factor, but focus on true happiness and joy unending… Just remain focused and add meaning to your life.

In life, what men desires in a women He Wishes to make His companion varies…In trying to be who you are not, you might divert from who you ought to be and end up missing that desired dream. Just make sure you are well behaved and Definitely, they will come when you least expected.

Ahia di MMA na ere onwe ya.




Photo Credit: Kelechi Eliz Victor Arthur.

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