Some challenges faced by the girl child.

In a discussion with a friend, she told me a touchy story of how a wife and her kids were rejected by her husband, after all documents of her late father’s properties were transferred to him because they had no male child. Few years after the demise of her father, the husband found her unattractive, complain over every little thing, sent her away at the end and brought another woman.

Human beings can never seize to amaze others. Just when you think you have seen it all, a new story unfolds. Wonders they say shall never end. The reasons parents should bequeath their daughters with some legacy when they are still alive irrespective of what the society says or thinks.

As life is a teacher, some have refused to learn from it. Sometimes, the way we love with our hearts sometimes isn’t the way we are loved in return. A lot of people have betrayed the trust bestowed on them.

Have you ever wondered why some daughters of rich men suffer when their Dad pass on? Find out more here.

Always remember that, what an elder can see while sitting on the couch in his sitting room cannot be seen by their daughter while standing on the last floor of marina building in Lagos.

Although, not all the son in-laws are bad. But some of these men don’t deserve to will anything to because they may be in love with the wealth and may keep pretending. Unfortunately, ownership might have been fully transferred, that would be when they will discover that their wife lacks respect, thereby maltreating her.

As death is inevitable, these men will bring out their true color by maltreating your jewel, making life miserable for her.

While some ladies will disrespect and maltreat their husbands if left with too much wealth but you can’t because of that, leave your daughter to enrich another who will enjoy it at her expense.

My advice is that if you’re suspicious of your son in-laws loyalty after marrying your daughter, it’s better you will some to your innocent daughter because of tomorrow. Let there be a provision for your daughters, because they could be subjected to suffering in the hands of some of these men who are supposed to love them more while you are gone. Please before you pass your bequeath to that son in-law, please take care of your daughter first or try to put a clause in the will.

Don’t enrich a man who will turn your child to a beggar when you are gone.

This is real, let a friend know about this so this can stop!

Say NO! To such inhuman treatment on the girl child.


PHOTO CREDIT: Ethelberth Emeka Anyanwu.

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