Curb Your Insatiable quest for material acquisitions

What GOD ALMIGHTY has joined together, let no man put asunder (Mark 10:9) yet some of Us now put the asunder ourselves with our insatiable quest for material acquisitions as ankle wishing it was a wrist…which often brings problems in our homes.

Some of Us are blessed with Wonderful , Easy going, Patient and Loving partners but our all knowing heads and desires for more couldn’t allow the monster in them to rest forever and let peace reign in our homes.
While searching for more, Some have lost their partners and they ended up with unending and irreversible regrets….the gold they hastily saw from afar turned to Stones eventually…It rains everywhere Dear beloved but severe in some places. So stick with your own and make it better.

Until We sincerely agree in totality with our hearts that We can’t have it all in life, only then will We be forever grateful for the ones WE are blessed with.
PLEASE Be contented with what you have, do your best and leave the rest for GOD. HIS time speaks louder than we can ever imagine.


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Jecinta Amaka

I am a social media Queen with a mandate to inspire. I set out for positive impact

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