Don’t abandon your love for heart breakers!

When a lady abandons her God given gentleman and prefers a fake guy

A lady told me how she saw a cutely dressed guy on Facebook, chatted him up and gradually from chatting to Facebook friends to “regular reactor” on every uploaded picture to sexting and then to dating. He was every woman’s dream kind of guy, handsome, rich, sociable. She felt she found her missing rib as everything seemed real. On the sound of his voice, her day is already made.

She visited weekends and got carried away lustfully. After several visits, the lover man’s attitude changed. she called but couldn’t get through then she decided to pay him a surprise visit.

Unfortunately for her, the result of the little play just got released and she got first class degree.

Rewind to few weeks ago, she had this handsome, average working class guy she met 6 months ago who loved her so much, who is dying to be with her till eternity but her gaze was fixated on a wealthy guy who she barely know. Without considering the kind of fake people one meet on social media, she jumped into his arms.

At the other end there was a beautiful lady whose beautiful can’t be compared to hers. She was pregnant, so beautiful, lost in thought she wondered what made the guy to even look at her in the first place. Out of shame, she couldn’t get closer but asked questions and watched from a distance knowing that something must be amiss why the sudden neglect of her calls, until she was able to clear her doubts. She went home devastated as she heard from the neighborhood that the man’s wife is a student in one of the university in the east who doesn’t visit all the time due to her condition. With regrets, pains, frustration and shame she stripped herself naked at night to curse the guy as she narrated.

All that glitter ain’t gold!

What am I trying to say?

The love she abandoned is not willing to accept her back according to her which is serious matter.

She is now left with two options:

She is possibly going to abort that child without the man knowing or decide to keep the baby and single handedly provide for the baby.

The disadvantages are higher in any form you try to weigh it.

Look before you leap!

The long term effects is always 80% on ladies.

Before you start fantasizing, find out. Yes everyone wants to upgrade but do it carefully and gradually. When you made up your mind to fornicate with a guy you just met at the expense of the guy who love you, You should always expect heart breaks just incase.

Dear Ladies,

Love the man who loves you and stop killing yourself over a man you know and can feel it that he doesn’t care. 
Don’t be too quick to love. When it begins to drive you crazy please remember to ask yourself questions.
Most times, the signs are there but be clouded by emotions.

So to those of you who will go naked in the name of cursing their boyfriend for sleeping with them and marrying another woman. You are wasting your time! Fornication is a sin and only for the married. Stop cursing yourselves and compounding problems except it is rape.

And to the married men who keep deceiving young ladies, forming singles, divorced or separated, hiding pictures of your beloved wife and family just because you want to sleep with them, GOD ALMIGHTY is watching you. Desist from such act before it swallows you. I don’t see reasons why a happy man should tell lies about his beloved GOD’S given family.

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