Don’t abuse the access granted

Dear Wives, when our partners gives us access (Passwords) to their phones simply means they sincerely have nothing to hide. Although some husbands with temper management problems don’t allow their wives access to their phones because of unnecessary headache.

Some of Us will collect the phones check what’sapp, Facebook, Twitter, text messages and call history just to monitor who and who He called or texted and try texting any suspected or regularly dialed numbers just to know if they are cheating on Us.
While on his chats you must see names like, sweetheart, darling, Love and your heart beats will increase. Such names these days is like greetings and sometimes when people call opposite sex sweet names does not mean they are flirting with them.

Our husbands are our Love and everything but we have other friends that are loving to Us who can give the world for Us without any sexual attachment and we call them sweet names, this doesn’t mean that they are our lovers and the female ones our lesbian friends.

I believe the reason why some wives check is because they are not sincere themselves so they want to know makana ogbú nma ańaghi ekwe kä nma ga ya na azú.

That you are married to a man does not mean all his friends should run away, he should stop greeting people. Let the husband decide who and who He lets out of His life, and stop frustrating the man. Of course if you must drive out friends, let it be the ones influencing him negatively.

Just as an advice, why not make your husband always want to return home after work, make your home comfortable, Why not stay strong and healthy for your children and husband by avoiding things that would unnecessarily bring problems and arguments between you both and pointing accusing fingers unnecessarily.
Most times it’s the making ‘useless something’ out of nothing that keeps them late and away.
Why not save yourself some problems, a man who wants to cheat would be smarter than you think, he might store all the contacts on his head and always read and delete conversations, can even cheat on you under your nose with your sister, cousin, friend and anyone regardless of how many times you stalk on him.

Take your eyes off his chat it is called ‘Privacy’ for a man who married you have prioritized you over every woman on earth.

When you trust a responsible man, He will not betray the trust.
So I believe.


Jecinta Amaka Arinze said so.

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