Don’t attribute Your wayward life to others

Please let me just say this, the fact that you slept with over 50 women or dated over 50 men including the married before marriage and committed all sorts of atrocious acts does not mean that every other are just like you.People should learn not to attribute their wayward lives to others.
If you were not decent, there are some who knows and understands the rewards for decency.

Irrespective of the ‘misguided’ civilization that a lot of boys and girls, matured youth alike engage in all manner of immoralities, some were and are still decent despite the trend and most times the decent ones are looked at and are referred to as the ‘SWAGGER-LESS’. And when you take a closer look, some of the swagger-less are getting married and the ones with swagger are still swaggering up-and-down on any available social media.

Of course it’s only GOD ALMIGHTY who knows everything but We should learn to set our conscience free from guilt by doing the right thing.
Everyone can’t say good about others at all times, makana oha adighi ajazu mmadu, but what can a higher percentage of people say about your life style.

And to you aspiring to get married, you can stop NOW.
Your lifestyle is a STRONG MARKETING STRATEGY, please use it wisely.


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Jecinta Amaka

I am a social media Queen with a mandate to inspire. I set out for positive impact

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