Dress the way You want to be addressed

Sometimes I just wonder how some people will be walking half naked and yet very comfortable, putting some innocent men into sin with their heads and imaginations…and selling themselves afu afu na kobo kobo.

Sometimes you’ll see a ‘beautiful nonsense dressed’ girl and you will be ashamed for her.

Please DO NOT blame it on their parents…some parents did their home work. I know that the devil started using them in school and some of them can’t even make a simple complete sentence….They will just reply you that English is a borrowed language.
Ó dikwa egwu!
Just in case you don’t know, you will only attract the kind of people who are willing and able to deceive you. Makana asi na odi kä odi kposa, odi kä odi akporo.

For those ATGM Hear this if you don’t know. Don’t allow anyone to deceive you, when they are ready for a life partner, they will go for that one that covers, and then they can buy it for her after marriage to be half naked for their eyes ONLY.

Some Ladies who dress half naked may not be wayward but my Dear, it is said that if you are in Rome, you should behave like the Romans. In Nigeria, half naked ladies are regarded as irresponsible.

Some will tell you that ladies who cover up a lot are worse than the half naked ones. Just cover up and learn.


Photo Credit: Miriam Therese Kosy.


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