Every child deserves equal parental love and care

Men that treats their wives with contempt because they had only female children should remember that GOD ALMIGHTY is the giver of children and decides the sex of a child. Children are wonderful gifts from GOD and should be loved as all human are equal before GOD ALMIGHTY.
Besides a woman doesn’t carry the male sex chromosomes. It is what you gave her that she brought forth and the pains of labor is still painful, even the female is intense because she has to apply makeups as labor progresses (from the human aspect).

The annoying part is that some men out-rightly shows and insults their wives in front of their children and those children cry their lives out knowing how much their father detest them.

It’s quite unfortunate that while some women are crying and praying from one church to the other just to conceive, some are being battered for having same sex. Irony of Life.

There are a good number of women of timber and caliber in the world, distinguished among many. Your daughter could achieve higher for tomorrow is very pregnant. And without female children, I’m very sure your mothers wouldn’t had given birth to you.

Who knows why you haven’t been blessed with a male child? Maybe the strong quest for him might result to improper training.

Stop being gender bias.
Stop making life miserable for your wives.
Love your female children if that’s what OUR HEAVENLY FATHER blessed you with.
You CAN’T run faster than GOD ALMIGHTY.


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Jecinta Amaka

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