Flee while You have chance

To all the ladies who wants to kill themselves because of a guy who doesn’t care about them, trying all sorts of things to make sure they get married… Have you ever asked yourselves how long will you continue to please a man just to win His love.

To be sincere, the heart knows where it belongs no matter the efforts… and this is why after all the time wasted, the self assumed sacrifices and efforts, the guy still marries that special person in his Life. Please look for a man who loves and admires you…Because every well behaved woman is a jewel and Her king is forever grateful to GOD and would never want to loose Her.

Why would you want to live in a home where all your efforts would be channeled to please a man who seems never to be pleased (Ndi emeta emeta) instead being happy?
Why can’t you make yourself special by sticking with the person who cares… Life is too short and sweet to be in slavery in your supposed Home.

You should not beg any man who doesn’t care about you neither by action nor dispositions to propose, rather the man should be the one with all the eagerness.
A man who doesn’t value you will never even if you die for him… You will be replaced under 6 months…SO FLEE when there is still time.
You know the truth that He doesn’t care, tell yourselves the truth.
Bikonu! werenu íre Unu guönu eze Unu önu.


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Jecinta Amaka

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