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Get pregnant before marriage right or wrong?

Some men have given their girl ultimatum to get pregnant before they proceed with marriage plans because of the lifestyle ladies live these days. But I sincerely think this is totally wrong.

What if the lady gets pregnant and loses it after wedding and not able to conceive after years? Although I’m not praying for sorrows for someone but just saying.

If you insist on her getting pregnant before proposing, what is the love?

What happened to real love covering a multitude of ‘things’?

What are you in love with; pregnancy?

Let’s not be faster than our GOD ALMIGHTY, He is the giver of children and we should wait on him to bless us at HIS time.

Please love your wife to be and believe in GOD ALMIGHTY for the blessings of children and HE will never disappoint you after marriage.

I always have this belief that when you are pure, you will definitely meet someone like you.


This is my opinion, please feel free to share yours.


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