Happy Anniversary BerryBoo&Honeybun.

We both know the past two years has been a rough ride but the sweetest of it all is because we’re on it together.

However, I don’t care how bumpy the road is as long as I’m not taking this ride all by myself.

Happiness kept Us Sweet!

Trials kept Us Strong!

Sorrows kept Us Human!

Failure kept Us Humble!

Success kept Us Glowing!

But only, Faith kept Us Going!

Sometimes we are not satisfied with our lives, while many in this world are secretly or openly dreaming of living our lives.

I have given you my life and held back nothing.

I’m so glad you have done the same.

What more can I ask?

I already have you, my life, my love, my all.



May GOD ALMIGHTY continue to pilot our marriage.

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Jecinta Amaka

I am a social media Queen with a mandate to inspire. I set out for positive impact

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  1. Great is the company of the wise. Those who walk in the company of the wise walk in the light. You are a shining light before others. Congratulations the angel of our day. Happy anniversary. May you stay long.

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