Happy Birthday to Me! I Am Jecinta Amaka!

I am alive not because I deserve to live but the Grace of GOD ALMIGHTY got me covered.

Thank you GOD ALMIGHTY for counting me worthy.

I pray for your undying love upon my life and family.

I ask for the Grace:

To put YOU first in all I do.

To hear when YOU speak to me.

To be contented with what I have.

To give always from the little I have.

To be a source of blessings to people around me.


Fall short of your Glory.

Judge people no matter what.

Disappoint those who look up to me.

Be selfish in my relationship with others.

On this special day, I want to sincerely say a big THANK YOU to all who have touched my LIFE POSITIVELY, who contributed in any way to make me the woman I am today.


To my late Dad for loving me.

To my mother for her motherly love and birthing me.

To my siblings for your cares and loving me the way I am.

To my loving husband for his love, care, and understanding.

Friends like no other… THANK YOU!

Ezeigwe for your love, care and sacrifices, I will never forget.

Chummy for loving me unconditionally.

Catherine for loving me sincerely.

Okpiafoh for your love and support 24/7.

Christy for your Love beyond measures.

Naddy for your cares and love.

Joy for your genuine love and care.

Kende for loving me with your heart.

Caleb for your genuine love and care.

Mcraph for your love upon my family

Vitus for being a special friend to my family.

Asanya for loving us exceedingly.

Chiangel for y. our Love and support.

Linda for being a great friend and sister.

Otite for the natural love and care.

Growing up… THANK YOU!

Obby for standing as a model for me to grow.

Agatha for being a true friend more than a sister.

Ebytex  for being a great friend and a Darling.

Ikenna for loving me and your supports always.

Chigozirim for your sisterly love.

Frank for loving me generously.

Kene for loving our family.

While in school…. THANK YOU!

Joseph for being a friend, son and brother.

Angelez for the trouble you gave me brain.

Iwuoha for our studies together.

Mercy for your unquantified love and care.

Rebecca for your Love and sacrifices.

Godwin for being there for me at all times.

Benson for the sacrifices and love.

Odogun for being a great friend.

Georgerge for your love, care and supports.

Making a difference in life… THANK YOU!

Chris for inspiring me to be greater.

Olanrewaju for your supports and inspirations.

Usman for your supports at all times.

Madina for being such a sweetheart.

David for the efforts you’ve made towards my success.

Sunday for all your efforts towards my success.

Sunday for being a source of encouragement to me.

Advancing in life…. THANK YOU!

Ucheya for inspiring me to have my platform.

Ebenezer for being diligent and kind hearted.

Sam for your time and support all the time.

Karo for your love, care and supports.

Emeka for the blogging and writing lessons.

Oladayo for Youthpreneur and all your unalloyed supports.

Ifeanyichukwu for being a great friend and supportive.

Sanusi for your love, care and support.

Kola for the special photo editing class.

Facebook family…. THANK YOU!

Nzuko for your love, care, supports and encouragement.

Igwe for your love, care and wisdom.

Nkeiru for being a mother and loving me.

Chimezie for being there for me all the time.

Chidi for loving me with all your heart.

Blessed for you supports always.

James for your supports and advice.

Okeke for being there for me Nne.

Onyekere  for your supports.

Kingsley for your supports.

Therese for believing in me.

Deyoungmighty for the brotherly advice and love.

Obi for being a great friend and sister.

Anthony for your elderly advice.

Ada for your supports and care.

Lolo for all your supports.

Orji for your supports.

Henry for love and care.

Kelechi for watching my back always.

Valentine for your supports and making Nzuko fun.

Darlington for your supports.

Marcathy for being there for me.

Chiamaka for your love and believing in me.

Chijioke for being there for me.

Bright for your love and supports.

To all the wonderful being who contributed to the woman i am today whom I did not tag on this post, you know you are angels. Thank you for the positive impacts you made in my life. You are my real MVP.

To those working hard to destroy me in different ways, give up already!. I’m moving forward and making impacts.

Go impact your lives and others and stop character assassination. It doesn’t pay, it only keeps you stagnant and frustrated.

I’m unstoppable in JESUS Name AMEN!




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Jecinta Amaka

I am a social media Queen with a mandate to inspire. I set out for positive impact

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