Widow's Reach Out Project

Identify a Widow Phase Three

Touching a widow's life

Identify a Widow: Phase Three.

Still on visiting the widows matter, earlier last week, I was able to visit another widow with the little my family could afford. Asi na onye kwuo ugwo o ji, o nwere onwe ya!

Identity a widow phase three
Touching a widow’s life

I thank GOD ALMIGHTY for His provision and for using me to put smiles on the faces of others. I hope and pray for more of God’s provision to touch more lives.

To those who stood by me through this journey from day one, I’m sincerely grateful for your supports and may God bless you all!

I guess I have successfully fulfilled my promise.

Thank you Nzuko for having me!

Thank you all and do have a blessed week!

Thank you!

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