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Identify a Widow Phase One

Showing love to humanity

Showing love to humanity
Identity a widow phase one

Today being the 9th day of September 2017, I promised to show you all what i have by the Grace of God been able to fulfill.

When I ascended the Nzuko Loloship throne, some friends thought I had “hammered”, some asked the relevance of my Loloship to the society. The picture below says it all, selfless services, extending a helping hand to the less privileged. It is an initiative I tag “Identify a Widow.”

The picture below is the widow I visited.  She made me cry because of her touchy story. After we cried, we laughed believing that no condition is permanent. Although no one can solve all the problem in this world no matter how rich you may be, our little assistance can heal a soul. I don’t have a house nor a car to give but this little. Nonetheless, GOD ALMIGHTY has a greater love and care for the widows.

The essence of this visitation being posted here is not for people to praise me but to fulfill a promise I made so that the name of the GOD will be glorified. My next visit comes up in two months time.

Please, It is good that you identify a widow, think with her, discuss with her to know what she desperately need and extend a helping hand. Not all widows need food items and cash, some need shelter and companionship.


Read our second visit here Identify a Widow Phase Two

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