International Day for Women

As the world celebrates women today, I celebrate all the virtuous women who in one way or the other has and still trying to bring sanity to womanhood by Living a life worthy of emulation. May GOD ALMIGHTY continue to bless you all and give you wisdom to handle any challenging situations.

Today on behalf of the women in the world young and old alike, I want to use this opportunity to apologize to our beloved husbands, friends for all the moments we made them turn out late to that special occasion we started preparation since morning.

I have taken time to wonder why women waste a lot of time making-up and I think I have been able to understand why women turn out late no matter how early they start.

It is not just the make-up but the proposed activities in our conscious mind that makes us late, as we apply powder, we in our heads are busy with dinner recipes, what and what is available and needed to be bought and this is why We spend a lot of time doing make-ups. And as we wear make-ups, we will remember to soak clothes for washing upon return, will also remember that the soup needs to be removed from the freezer for dinner and a whole lot of other arrangements.

A woman is not just going to that event, she is planning on what dinner to prepare, how to make use of the little time she has to achieve a lot. She is always planning and this is why she would be applying lipstick and she finds herself in the kitchen doing something else and returning to continue the make-ups.
And as she returns from event tired without complaining, she is already in the kitchen with the help of the already set plans on her head she serves dinner, bath the children, set the bedrooms, takes care of the other things.

PLEASE I just want to use this day to beg our beloved husbands to try to give Us a helping hands in the house. Because they may not understand the stress we go through each day making chores especially if the kids had arrived.

I just wondered what the world would have become without women.
Please just applaud the women, it’s not easy to be a woman.
To all the women in the world, Congratulations to you all for the world appreciates your efforts.
Please appreciate yourselves, Be Happy, Be Positive, Take care of yourselves Biko na ogé adighi.


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