International Day for the elimination of violence against women

End the abuse on women...

Today is the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Violence against women is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world.

The life of a woman…
A woman left her family to spend her entire life with a man, married him eventually, turn to nurse him as her first baby, took in and 100% ready to go on nine months journey, had the baby not paying attention to her hormonal changes, she battles it to make a man happy always…

Find out what women go through to keep their homes

She cleans…
She washes…
She cooks…

She takes care of the children that will eventually be taken away from her if divorce struck eventually.
She satisfies his sexual urge even when she is not in the mood.

He annoys her as he tend to mess the house she cleaned, yet she just complained and because a woman builds a home, she ignored.

Neglecting the yelling in the name of correction… She STAYED!
Displaying the commander-in-chief attitude… She still STAYED!

He indirectly insults her about her recent shape that pregnancy destroyed… She overlooks and still STAYED!

The above is enough reason not to abuse women but to love them instead.

This is a time to pause, think, rethink and take action against all forms of violence against women around the world and spread a message of peace and love.

Always remember that women are more emotional… and should not allow this

Unless the men understand that their thinking makeup are different from that of a women, men will continue to abuse women…

Now my question for the men:
Why can’t you walk out when you are angry?
Do you actually think women can’t be angry as you?
Is it because you think you are physically stronger than women?
Why can’t you learn not to raise your hands against women and girls?

Domestic violence can manifest not just in action but also in words.


There’s no excuse to suffer in silence!
Don’t die protecting a title that will make no sense when you are gone… SPEAK UP NOW!

So I pray and believe that none on this platform will ever fall victim of domestic violence in JESUS Name.


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