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Living together before marriage: Good or bad?

A woman lived with a man, struggled with him to feed, making babies for 5 years. One day the man woke up to accuse the woman for being behind his poverty and demanded she leave his house. The issue lingered for a while but there was no custom backing the marriage and she finally left the house after the wasted years and yet the man didn’t consider the children he had with her. Her family could not support her because they warned her but she turned everyone to her enemy and parked to the man’s house. It’s obvious she was carried away by ‘love’.

As we are here to learn from each other. Do you in your opinion think it’s advisable for a man and woman to live together before marriage proper or do you think those things doesn’t count?

In my own opinion, I think it’s wrong to live with a man or woman one is not married to because to some, the respect won’t be there and then the reluctant to do the needful.


Your opinion is very important and your reasons.


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  1. I feel like it’s OK, as long as they both want it. Separations may happen even after marriage, and then it’s even harder to break up. But it’s not a decision to be taken lightly, it’s a thinker for sure.

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