Long-term Danger of that 5 minutes. 

If you are single, verbally married, practically living with a man you are not married to. This is for you.

Women need to understand that the society is not fair to them and apply necessary measures to help themselves. You had sex with a guy, a month later you are still thinking about the resultant effects while the guy can’t even remember such thing happened. For a period of nine months, you will suffer pregnancy associated stress without pampering and encouragement that makes pregnancy sweet. Months later a cutie would be born, you will singlehandedly begin “an unplanned motherhood journey” depriving yourself freedom and the child the fun of proper parenthood while the man is busy with another pry somewhere.

A 16 years old girl born out of wedlock told me how her father sent her to her mother, and her mother sent her back to her father, the father rejected her, she went to her grandmother, she sent her away. She returned to the mother, she was asked to leave back to the grandmother who hardly feeds. The father’s action was as a result He is married to another woman who can’t tolerate another’s child. The mother on the other hand can’t accept her because she is married to another man who can’t tolerate an adolescent girl. Her grandmother can’t deal because she is trying to feed.

So where will this girl go? A guy is ready to provide shelter by both living together, but she is afraid of being turned into a sex machine because the first time she was sent out of the house by her step father, it was carpet munching that they engaged in, who knows what will happen next.

The girl in question have not gotten secondary education. The other time she told me she want to commit suicide and end everything since her family rejected her. She is ready to do cleaning jobs just to survive. In my little way to help her find a means of livelihood so she can gradually save up something, I prepared a CV, applied for a job for her. On the day of the good news, as I got back from work, I was informed she has been sent back to the village.

It is heart-wrenching what those girls pass through especially when the separated parents remarries. The sleepless nights, the insults other dish at them, their desire but unavailable parental care, deprived sibling relationship. You need to know they miss a lot.

To the single mothers, you birth a child out of wedlock, abandoned her to fate. What if she ends up birthing her own child? Just what if.

Please try to take care of the children you birthed and save them from further dangers and the feelings of committing suicide.

To the singles, I’m certainly not the one to decide how you use your body, but you have the opportunity to make or mar your future. The guy will sweet talk you that he doesn’t like it “with” except “without” and you will give consent. Is he supposed to enjoy it before? NO! . You can only acquire a BSc when you have successfully attended the university and had followed and met the requisite for such award. Fear sex, it’s bigger than you.

To the men who are guilty of this, you know deep down in your heart that you did it, stop already and do the little you can to assist. You that hasn’t impregnated any, desist from the occasion. If you want to enjoy sex, get a wife or have an agreement and stop luring innocent ladies whom you will abandon tomorrow.

To the parents, especially mothers, teach your children how to politely say NO to sexual advances, be friends with them, train them in such a way that they won’t have the guts to engage in early sex.

This post is for someone out there. Before you to birth that child, remember to have a source of income to take care of the child. Because for you to have a sane generation is to think about the long term effect of assumed action and focus more.

Let sex be by choices after weighing the possible implications.

Let this post not be “had I know” with time.


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