Men Ego Bane of Marital Bliss.

Male chauvinist tendencies a distraction and a silent home destroyer

Looking at the average homes and not at extremes, some men have inferiority complex, ego depletion and chauvinistic tendencies when the woman began to contribute to the upkeep of the home, it makes some men to wander in fear of the unknown.

Most men with these chauvinistic tendencies don’t allow women contribute, make positive suggestions nor superior opinion which could actually solve existing or imminent problems.

There are women whose input are not noticed because of their husbands excess wealth, women in this category still do their best and get the deserved accolades. Some women on their own should look for a way of rechanneling the income intended into other areas in the home development and extended family in the African concept.

And with the recent awakening triggered by by risen feminist struggles which brought a degree of enlightenment to the women folk has led to many women saying NO to Oppression from Menfolk.

Respect is reciprocal. There is no way you will respect your wife and she won’t give it back even more than you ever shown her. That is why we say respect is earned, and the labour that pays the wage of respect is in the mutuality of it yourself and your wife has shown. Humility and compassion matters a lot. The effect of Humility was twice as strong as that of compassion. By keeping mutual respect and understanding in our minds, communication between spouse improves and perhaps that accounts for better overall marital satisfaction.

Dear Men, the Bible says that wives are your companion and your “help mate” therefore be grateful.

For those of you who don’t want their wives to buy even a pin in the house, thinking they will lose their respect. Hear this: a wife who will disrespect you WILL even if you buy everything up to her lingerie and a G-Wagon.

Don’t kill yourself trying to do everything in the house. Take it easy.
If your wife is that darling who is willing and able to assist in certain things at home, please give her the chance. Embrace the opportunity for you never can tell how dignified that gesture could turn out one day.

Take the lead and let her follow, don’t try to leave everything for her because some of you are funny. To build the home, all hands must be on deck.

This is just my candid opinion.
I am Jecinta Amaka.

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Jecinta Amaka

I am a social media Queen with a mandate to inspire. I set out for positive impact

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