Negative effect of using abusive words on the children

Parental curse and its future damage on children

Some of the sufferings the youth of today are going through are as a result of the insults and curses their parents hipped on them while growing up over a little mistake as children. In this useful blog post “Negative effect of using abusive words on the children”, you will understand the negative effects of using such words on children.

Before we get into the matter, let us understand the meaning of a curse. A curse is an offensive word or phrase used to express anger or annoyance.

It is also an invocation, an appeal to evil forces that has an inherent power within itself to bring to pass that which has been spoken. Although some curses are just minor while some have negative effect on the cursed.

It is said that when power meets words, it will begin to act. The way you say words either positive or negative matters a lot. In Proverbs 18:21 it’s said that; life and death is in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Proverbs 18:7-8 says; a fool’s mouth is his destruction and his lips are the snares of his soul. So parents should speak positive words upon their children. Tell them positive things bless them and not curse them.

But some parents due to ignorance of the effects of cursing, spirit of anger, and hardship they experience most times, lay curses on their God given children.

Sometimes, this curse comes as a result of frustration posed by the marriage or the economic situation which is not the fault of the child. While at other times, it could be as a result of their children not meeting up to the standards they set.

Another reason especially on the girl child is, during the 70s, mothers were trained only to be someone’s wife and some mothers because they got married at a very early age during their time, they tend to frustrate their girls over marriage, getting angry at every little provocation, they tends to transfer the aggression on their children thereby cursing them.

As a sad parent whose child has not meet up to the expectations, a child makes a mistake, instead of putting the child right, the next will be series of curses on the innocent child.

I once heard a woman out of anger cursing her child that he will suffer, that his children will be a disgrace to him and will even beat him, unless he was not fed with her breast, then I approached her and asked why she was rendering her child useless with words of her mouth?

And she replied that she already spent her own life on earth. I was shocked, I tried to make her take back those words because it’s a dangerous utterance, and she said she was just saying it out of anger but never meant it. I told her that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Although she refused to take back those words.

The negative effects of laying curse on the children includes:

  1. Stagnation on the part of the children: This makes them not to prosper where others do. Nothing seems to be working for them.
  2. Near success syndrome is another negative effect of using abusive words on the children: Due to the curses hipped on them, success seems to be their enemy. Whenever success is close, there will be a mystery as one evil will hijack the success.
  3. Bad luck seems to follow children whose parents dwell on cursing them while they were young. At a long run, people will start identifying them as bad lucks thereby hiding any good news from them.

I can go on and on…

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Dear Lion Dads and Lioness Moms,

Children are wonderful gift from God. They are significant of our future. If they become important personalities in life tomorrow, it will be to our credit.

Therefore, for us to make a generation of great children, knowing that there is no perfection in humanity and children grow too hence they are still learning, we have to learn to tolerate our children’s excesses, help them curb their stubbornness, direct them to the right part, correct them without cursing at every little provocation because it endangers their destiny.

Together we can make great parents and produce great children!


Photo credit: Adorable pictures of cute babies I came across.

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