Nemesis! Nemesis!! Nemesis!!!

Let’s talk about some mothers that would introduce their young girls to rich guys for relationships with the hope that they marry their girl tomorrow especially in the cities.

The society keep talking about some ladies and their today’s lifestyles while neglecting what possibly originated the increase waywardness.

It might shock you to know that some of these ladies were taught to follow men especially the ones their mothers seem to be the “so-called What’s Up women”. They wallow in ignorance but they think otherwise. These set of women engage in introducing their young beautiful adolescent girls to big boys because they want to have rich Son in-law. As innocent, naive and vulnerable as they are, they made them to believe that money is everything and they grow up with such idea.

The “Ochongalokwe mummies” even assign their daughters to assist these guys on weekends, although some of these men are just nice without any evil thoughts until one woman sends Her daughter to assist. These young men in order not to offend the women, may not  turn down the offer. Then one day, the devil will convince them to test and help themselves because temptations are bound.

This is one of the reasons some ladies don’t see anything wrong in their lifestyle, no shame, they believe life is just about flicking around a man, sleeping with them to institute marriage without any self development. But never paid attention to the value to which they ought to add to the man.

At a later end, some of these girls look older, end up getting pregnant and their mothers will abort the baby making them see abortion as a normal thing. While some will believe that the guy can be caged with the pregnancy then end up having a cutie out of wedlock because the guy suddenly realized that their standards are not same.

And again when these girls end up in another man’s house, all those BUSY BODIES (Inlaws, etc) will be calling her names at any slightest misunderstanding as if they are better of, and these ladies live with this shame that the mother brought upon them till eternity.

To you the guys, help these young girls and save them from future damnation, resist them, educate them if you so much care.

I don’t know if the men are equally guilty of this. But you need also to observe them, watch their whereabouts, educate them against some tricks used in getting other men’s daughters. It is very important.

Until Nigerian parents understand that ladies can be something else rather than wives, then Nigeria wouldn’t be a better place.

It takes a lot for these innocent girls to open up to someone about their ordeal while growing up because of the type of society we are in.

REMEMBER: If this child becomes great tomorrow, it will be to your cheer.


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