Parents, please save for rainy days

Dear Parents, While you spend your money, attention and everything to bring up your children for the betterment of tomorrow, please remember to plan for your old age.

A lot of parents has died of hypertension because the hopes they placed on their children failed them.

The way the world is turning, people easily forget the ladder to which they access their success in life.
Imagine after all your parental sacrifices your child wakes up one day and start looking at you as a liability.

Just think about when you have a rich Son who married a wicked wife and she is in control of everything because ‘what GOD joined together let No man put Asunder’. And you are left to suffer and die,with no one considering what you went through over the years.

Or you have a daughter who is married to a rich, over possessive and stingy man whose money cannot be spent without permission and who cannot permit.

Tell me Parents what would become of you?
Things are changing in an awkward manner that people bite the fingers that fed them.
Some even go extra mile to tell their parents ‘I’m in my husband’s house, please go to your husband’s own house’ (Ladies especially).

(Speaking as a child)
Sincerely I tell you my people, there’s nothing we can do for our parents that is enough to thank them for a job well done.
Just think of how helpless you were as a child, you can’t walk, speak, do anything except eating and crying, some people (Parents) have to take care of you for years before you can do anything.

Let me ask a question and I need a sincere answer.
How many years do children have to take care of their parents before they join GOD ALMIGHTY in heaven???

(Speaking as a parent)
Let’s try and fight this sudden attack of disappointment from our children by planning for our old age, we all wish ourselves well but I know I don’t count my eggs until they are hatched. You too SHOULDN’T.

Quote me anyhow Jecinta Amaka Arinze

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