Positive impact of sanctity/purity in virginity.

I remember when I was in secondary school, two of my friends were trying to make me see reasons to get my hymen broken. That at 17 that I’m supposed to have broken it. They told me series of scary stories about how someone who left her’s unbroken got candle stocked in her vagina as a result of ‘late activation’. They even told me they will help me talk to a guy who will help get my hymen broken. I know if they have their ways, they would have dragged me to a man’s house, spread my legs apart and have me lose my virginity. These two will never read, I will write my assignment and theirs by force and may the devil kiss me if they ever score less, they will seat beside me in the exam hall, they will seize my exam paper in the hall. GOD punish me if I ever don’t create space for them. One at my right and the other at my left.

Sometimes, if they fail their papers, they will on our way home divert me to a less busy road, force me to kneel down and flog the scores out of me, call me names just because I haven’t given consent to get my hymen broken. I was going through all this without anyone knowing it until one day, I told my elder brother, he was shocked. He told me to flee from such people.

I know one of them will be reading this post. This post is to let people know that some evil act didn’t just start today but because there are more loud people now than before.

I’m still trying to figure out what they were hoping to gain when I lose my virginity.

Why this post?

A girl of about 20 years old just confided in me with surprising issues that has been bothering her, she has friends encouraging her to follow men and live a better life. She is still a virgin and needed to keep it until she feels otherwise. From the little chat we had, those friends of hers have already sweet talked her to believing that being a virgin doesn’t make her any different with words like “being a virgin is not a big deal” “use what you have to get what you want”, it’s the same penis and doesn’t matter when, that gone are the days when people pride themselves on their moral standards.

My advice to her was; don’t let anyone deceive you if you haven’t chosen to get it broken. Being a virgin doesn’t guarantee heaven or success and not a yardstick to a successful marriage but there is ‘a thing of joy within’ in being one.

There is an aura from nature perspective, glory from GOD and sanctity from nondefilment. There is this inner shine that emits from within. “It’s a spiritual thing”

Likes attracts likes! If carefully kept, a bad man won’t come because the sanctity will repel the evil man.

And again, no man would wonder how many men slept with you before marriage or how much damage you may have done to your reproductive organs or how many abortions you may have done.

There is always something within that makes you feel good about yourself which in turn brings favor everywhere you go. It’s not easy to overcome the sexual temptations of being a youth.

If you are a Virgin, be glad you are one!

Sometimes, this virginity are lost not on the basis of love but quest by adults who are bent on destroying futures of the young ones.

Guard yours!

I pray that anyone who subdued the sexual urge in the cause of their lives as a youth, that GOD ALMIGHTY will bless them with a loving partner who will love, respect and appreciate them and live happily forever and ever.

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