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Promiscuity and spouse location

A couple lived in separate locations for 8 years trying to make ends meet, loving and caring for each other.

One day, the woman discovered the man had a 6 year old son with another woman who have been keeping him warm in his location.

She felt it was as a result of living in a different location that caused it. Although living in a separate location contributed but a man who prioritize his family over any other thing will not deny them over a one night stand or whatever transpired between them over there.

To spare you the story, the other lady insisted that she must live with the man without being remorseful for the damage she caused another woman.

And I ask, Do you sincerely think that living in a separate locations increases the chances of infidelity?

Personally, I don’t think living in a separate locations turns any faithful partner into being unfaithful. Promiscuity is a weakness and not environmental basis. Environment can enhance it but surely depends on the parties involved. A cheat is a cheat even under the same roof.

Please what is your take on this matter?

Shouldn’t partners live in a separate locations?

Let’s learn from each other.


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