Stand for Peace always

WOMEN should endeavor to be peace makers wherever they found themselves, it is to your credit.

You enter a loving home where love and cordial relationships is wonderful and you put division among them.
You used to wash your mother in-law clothes before and now Her clothes is referred to as rag. Who send you before?
Some women are sweethearts when they are still courting while they turn bitter hearts as soon as they are married TRADITIONALLY + OFFICIALLY.

Sooner or later you will turn a mother in-law, karma will catch up with you because one little princess will appear from nowhere to turn your broad daylight to nightmare.

The man may not have complained but my Dear, the truth be told that no sane man appreciates a controversial/nagging wife. If only you can read through His mind, you will regret your actions so far.

YOU shall definitely harvest what you cultivated.


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Jecinta Amaka

I am a social media Queen with a mandate to inspire. I set out for positive impact

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