True Life Tales

Unbreak My Heart Episode 2.

Valerie decided to stop over at the Supermarket, pick up a few things. Since there was going to be a wild party, then she’d better be prepared. She wondered what funny secret plan Kike had up her sleeves. A wild party? Well she guessed they were long overdue.

She paused by the wine section – a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines were on display. She considered picking up some alcoholic wine, but she knew that Kike would come bearing at least half a dozen of them, she always does whenever they were celebrating.

“Uh huh, no alcohols.” She muttered shaking her head. Grabbing two bottles of Chamdor grapefruit wine, she dropped them into her shopping basket. Pursed her lips as she re-scanned the wine racks with a speculative look in her eyes. The bottle of Bailey’s Irish cream seemed to be eyeing her.

It was her birthday after all, she thought with a shrug snatching up a bottle of Bailey’s from the rack and adding it to her shopping basket. Then with a I’m-a-big-girl-and-can-do-whatever-I-want look on her face, she strolled down the aisle and straight for the sweets and candy section. What was a Valentine’s Day wild party without some chocolate, huh?

Immediately the wide variety of chocolate and candy bars hit her yes, her mouth started to water. What was it about chocolate that made you just want to grab them and stuff your mouth? And why the hell, did they have such scrumptious and yummy appealing wrappers?

She eyed the mouth-watering variety with a lustful look. Maybe it was a bad idea coming here. She had no business seeking our chocolate bars and candies, they’d end up gathering at her hips, that is right after ruining her teeth. Then she’d be left all alone with a set of rotten teeth, a grossly overweight body and no man to call her own.

Giving an unladylike snort, Valerie muttered. “Men! They will have us looking skinny stick and anorexic if we gave them half a chance.”

She snickered at the thought. She was entitled to stuffing her mouth with yummy chocolate bars and candies if she wanted, besides she was there was a fifty percent probability she’d end up with no man in her life anyway, so… she reached for several bars of chocolate, adorning her selection with a couple of savoury looking candy bars.

Bopping her head slowly to the beat of Flavour’s Baby okwu sipping into the Supermarket from across the road, she made for the counter. As the cashier checked her purchase, it hit her, Cookies! How could she have forgotten, she’d eaten her last pack over the weekend and Kike would certainly be counting on her having her favourite crunchy peanut butter cookies.

“Need one more thing.” She told the cashier, before quickly making her way back down to the Sweets section.

She was just taking the turn out the aisle, when whoosh, a massive wall slammed into her. The Cookies box flew out of her hand and she had to make a quick retreat to break her own fall.

“Geez.” She muttered irritably as she strove to steady herself. Why couldn’t people ever watch where they were going? She looked down, ready to seriously lecture the massive wall, which was now squatting in front of her picking up a variety of odd looking guy toys and other general stuff.

“God, I’m so so sorry.” The squatted figure was apologizing.

Wow! Massive wall surely had a deep sexy voice, Valerie thought looking down on the crunched man… not so irritated anymore. Nice haircut. Wonder if it goes with a nice face, she mused. And oh my, not bad physique from where I’m standing, she overtly scrutinised the athletic body in light grey polo shirt and khaki shorts that showed off nicely structured muscled hairy legs.

“It’s all my fault.” His deep rumbling voice was still apologizing.

You bet your ass it is, Valerie thought with an appreciative roll of her eyes, and what a nice ass too, enjoying the rear end display. God, she never knew a guy’s butt could be so nicely… jutted and perfectly rounded. Christ, she’d be sure to be less critical when she heard tales of ladies grabbing a man by his ass. Who wouldn’t, with a nice ass like that staring you in the face? She stifled a chuckle.

Nathan Abayomi-Phillips was having a rare moment of revelation, squatting right there, staring face-to-face, or in this case leg-to-face, with the most gorgeous legs he’d ever seen. Their long flawlessly smooth milky chocolate length seemed to be flowing out from mint green asymmetrical pleated chiffon skirt.

He picked up the box of chocolate cookies by her feet and with another in the other hand, eased slowly to his feet.

And instantly his wide full lips curved in a pleasurable smile. Gorgeous long legs wasn’t the only thing boldly rolling out of the asymmetrical skirt, an even more gorgeous face was popping out the south end, albeit through a peach coloured silk cap-sleeved cotton shirt.

Valerie felt the heat slam into her lungs, freezing the bold appreciative smile on her lips. She was staring face-to-face with the most gorgeous exquisitely sculptured man face she’d ever seen. The perfectly toned and chiselled dark face finally confirmed her believe that God must be a black man, for surely this gorgeous face must be a vision of His image and likeness. Deep dark eyes twinkling with delight and pure enjoyment stared back at her, not at all hiding the fact they liked what they were looking at.

The simply sensuous wide lips that were curved upwards, so temptingly, parted and said in that oh-so-sexy deep and toe-curling voice. “I’m not sure which one is yours.” He lifted both hands with Chocolate cookies in each. “Hard to tell now, right?”

All thoughts literally flew from her head. And it was all at once annoying and humiliating. She’d never been a believer in the one-look-at-him-rendered-her-speechless fairy-tale crap romance novels were forever selling to their eager dreamy female readers. But if it was all crap and baloney why was she here staring practically thoughtless and obviously speechless at this tall, dark and handsome image in front of her. Now that was another load of crap she hadn’t believed in – that there was truly such a thing as tall, dark and handsome. But maybe all her theories and beliefs were really a load of crap.

Girl, get a grip, she ordered herself, say something before he completely thinks you are an empty-headed ogling maniac.

“Ah …” What had he said? He’d said something right? Valerie dropped her head slightly tilted head. He was tall alright, at a little over six foot she was as tall as, if not taller, than most men she met, yet he’d managed to make her tilt her head back. Ha, yes, the cookies, as reason trickled back to her mind. “Err… this one.” She pointed to his right hand, saw his grin widen, then shrugged. “Any one of them. They are both the same after all.

Nathan grinned. “You are right.” He passed her the one in his right hand. “Once again I apologize for knocking it down, slamming into you.” His apologetic grin was wide and lethal.

Christ Almighty, this man certainly understood the power of a smile. She smiled back, hoping she wasn’t looking like a close-up advert. “Oh, it’s alright. Honest mistake I’m sure.”

Surely stretching out her hand and saying I’m Valerie, what’s your name and number wouldn’t be considered too bold and forward? But the hawt looking man saved her the likely embarrassment by doing the male pre-ordained thing.

Giving a low deep laugh that seemed to roll out of him, rumbling, and making Valerie’s heartbeat actually skip, he said. “I’m Nathan, Nathan …”

“Excuse me, sir?” A young girl in blue and black uniform interrupted hesitatingly.

Valerie turned irritated eyes at her, why do significant romantic moments like this have too be interrupted?

“Sir, you forgot to pick your bottle of perfume and box of chocolate.” The girl continued passing Nathan the pink bottled Color me Pink perfume and the box of Godiva chocolate truffles.

Valerie literally felt the splash of cold water slam into her as she stared mouth agape at the pink bottle. He was buying a bottle of Color me Pink perfume? And a box of Godiva truffles? She gave herself a mental slap – hard, swift and mind-clearing. This is what you get when you lose your mind over a supercilious flirty playboy, who surely thinks he’s God’s gift to women just because he looked too good for his own good, or anyone else’s for that matter.

And here she was dying to tell him her name and number. I’m Nathan indeed. Who cares?

“Hey, sorry about that.” Nathan turned back to her, flashing his lethal grin. But their potency slammed against a hard brick wall and smashed to the ground. “Must not have been looking carefully to have not seen that.”

“I just bet.” Her racy, wild thoughts all strapped in and held in the strongest leach, Valerie treated him to her coolest smile. “Well, good thing you got them back then. Have to run, still got my stuff at the counter.” She gave him a quick nod and started down the aisle.

Nathan took a step back, what? What just happened, he wondered puzzled. Hadn’t they been about to …?” Damn it. He jogged after her. Caught up with her just before she reached the counter. “Ah… like you are in a hurry… ha… was actually about introducing myself back there.” He pointed down the aisle feeling a little silly as he did so.

“Absolutely unnecessary.”

He could almost hear the chips of ice dropping. “Okay.” They said that it was a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, but this had to be a Guinness Book of Records fastest change ever, right? He tried again. “I don’t know if you came in your car, but …”

“I didn’t.” She interrupted in the same icy clipped tone. Now he wanted to offer her a ride. Men!

He was beginning to feel the chill. They were obviously aimed at him alone, because she turned and smiled warmly at the apparently entertained Cashier, passed her the box of cookies to be added to her account, then with another smile, picked up her bags.

Nathan was stumped. At what point really did this cold east west wall get erected?

He tapped his feet impatiently as the Cashier checked and bagged his purchase. Barely managing a thank you he grabbed his bags and dashed after her. She was already out the gate, standing by the road side. He literally ran out the gate.

“I actually came in my car… wonder if I can give you a ride? His voice sounded desperate even in his own ears.

Valerie spared him a look. “No thank you.” Not giving up yet, are you? God, she blamed herself, taking one look at a playboy like him and going all speechless and stuttering. Imagine the nerve of the man! Making her stutter!

“Maybe I didn’t really apologise …”

“You did and it’s absolutely unnecessary.” Her icy smile could freeze up a broken down refrigerator. “And so is wanting to give me a ride – unnecessary and pointless.”

Nathan nodded. Turned to scan the lightly busy street. “Okay, then. I’ll help you get a taxi.” He flashed her a smile. “And then maybe you’ll take pity on me and give me your number?” Her stony set face remained unchanged. “Your name?” Not a flicker. “And I suppose if I give you my number, you wouldn’t call me?” The last was said in a deeply mournful voice.

But the maple pink lips only firmed and tightened even more.

He couldn’t get any more desperate than that, could he? He mused, a little disgusted with himself.

Valerie flagged down a taxi. Opened the back seat and got in without even bargaining with the driver. It was her way of telling him she couldn’t wait to get away from him and no doubt the smiling taxi driver was going to benefit from her hasty retreat.

Nathan watched stared as the red cab sped away and almost gave in to the temptation of going after the cab. Instead taking a deep breath he deliberately squashed the thought. That would just be too stalky, and much as he didn’t care if she thought him a stalking pervert, he wasn’t prepared to incur Toinette’s wrath either.

So heaving a sigh, he walked back to his car, opened it and slide in. He drove out the gate to head home for his dinner date with Toinette. Finding and stalking gorgeous long legs would just have to wait another day.



To be continued…

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