Watch Your response, guard Your tongue

Men are devils and women are angels yet their mouth so poisonous that they can sink the whole Nigeria with cursing.
My husband beat me, why does he beat you? Why are you the one always disturbing the neighborhood?
Most times women are problem activators, they lack the tone to talk and their manner of approach is horrible, looking for unnecessary trouble. It is said that a simple answer turns away ìwe ókú.
An average man hardly talks, always overlooking minor issues, pays less attention to wrongs but a troublesome woman ga na enyocha, na acho ife a ga eji kócha ónu.

Mana some men are impossible and can get provoked unnecessarily and picks quarrel at every little mistake. If you are married to this kind of man, try to pay less attention when he seek wahala makana adighi abuo ayi ara.
After slapping, beating you, he will still enter the other room with you. All the body pain on you. Who is suffering?

Although no sane man beats His wife, for women are to be loved, cared for, they are supposed to be succulent but some women have deviated from this ideal woman.
Honestly, if only women can, they will avoid anything that will make their husbands to beat them.
How will you feel to be disgraced like a slave, attracting the attentions of your neighbors. Why will husband and wife fight to attract neighbors? does it really worth it? Do you really have to shout on top of your voice quarreling?

I didn’t say don’t quarrel, please do and settle your differences, it is better neighbors assume than separate.
Women should try to have some dignity in their homes by knowing when to stop.

One of the greatest weapon of all times applicable in marriage is to have someone quarrel without response from the other end. This is silence. But If you cannot, put water in your mouth and cover your ears . BIKO!
I’m 100%against abusive marriage. It is NO NO for me.


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Jecinta Amaka

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