Wives aren’t Slaves, therefore should be treated with love and care

WIVES are supposed to be succulent and the sweetest thing in every man’s Life. They make you smile when you remember the wonderful times with them. When things seemed tough, wives with their voice makes you feel as if everything is alright with their words of encouragement.
In my opinion another reason why women no longer last in their marriages is that a lot of women are in government instead of love and this is limiting their sweetness.

Men lost their wives when they turned to the commander-in-chiefs in their homes, losing all the ingredients (Gentle, care, attention, calm tone, respect, understanding) to love and marriages, making their wives uncomfortable and extremely scared. Some ladies are afraid of getting married because they are hell scared of the monster men of this generation has turned into. While some women can die in the sight of their husband because they lost real love that encompassed everything.
Although some marriages were done out of desperation which might be a resultant effect of no foundation love which ultimately brings it to a pause.

Some Men can nag and complain about an issue from morning till night like a woman, and I used to think that this attitude is known as women attitude.
A woman told me of how her husband complained and she kept quiet and He continued to stress the issues, as she tried to leave, the husband drew her back and told her to sit and listen to the insults. Imagine the nonsense!
How do you hope that your wife will remain with you when all you do is control her like Aturu Awusa and complain about everything, she will sure get tired someday.

It’s time the men realize that wives are not slaves. They were chosen by them among many to be with them to Love and be Loved, cared for forever. They are to be pampered and ignored when they murmurs and be treated like kids paying less attention to some behaviors except where necessary.

I believe when you desire peace, you will definitely take a step towards instilling peace at home, even a wife known to be a nag will have a rethink someday and change.

Within yourselves, you know how guilty you are, please try to adjust because I know that there is no gain to have a broken home when you can help each other.
marriage is respect but not when someone’s life would be lost in the process due to maltreatment. I call it foolishness.

Just think about this:
Everyone likes authority but wives surrendered to their husbands since inception of the world as GOD ALMIGHTY designed it, so why not uphold your position with dignity and fairness.
Put yourself in your wife’s shoes and take a decision today.


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