You can’t dwell on lies for ever

6 Some people have denied their parents, brothers, sisters, relatives because they did not measure up to their fake standards. They lie about virtually everything.
Some people family resides in the overseas with their lies as if residing in Nigeria is bad luck .

For your information, there are countless prominent Nigerians who Live here and are flourishing in their endeavors even with the situation of the country.

Some girls have lied their way to stagnation as they slay with lies. They have succeeded in lying and losing their potential partners.
Some Men just Love you the way you are without ALL those fake cheap lies. Just beware that the men knows what they are doing, when it’s time, they know who to turn to.

But remember, you can’t dwell on that lies for long.
It’s better to be known for the real you.
Be yourself and stop fooling yourself.

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Jecinta Amaka

I am a social media Queen with a mandate to inspire. I set out for positive impact

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